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Curly Twirly Girl Vegan Reversible Satin Bonnet - Blue and Sky Blue

Curly Twirly Girl Vegan Reversible Satin Bonnet - Blue and Sky Blue

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Regular cotton pillowcases suck up moisture from your hair, roughening up the cuticle causing frizz and disrupting the curl pattern. Our satin bonnets absorb significantly less moisture resulting in beautiful in-tact next day curls.

💗 Reduce frizz during the night

💗 Keep your curls healthy and hydrated

💗 Come in big sizes to protect all your curls

💗 Soft comfy elastic, which holds the bonnet in place

🐰 This product is 100% Vegan

How to use

This product should be worn before you go to bed. Flip your hair into a pinapple with a loose soft satin hair band. Next put satin bonnet over your hair ensuring all hair strands are safely tucked in the bonnet. .


This product is made from satin materials.

This product is 100% vegan.


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What does wearing a bonnet do?

Wearing a satin bonnet helps to protect curly hair from damage caused by friction and moisture loss. The smooth and silky texture of the bonnet prevents the hair from rubbing against harsh fabrics, such as cotton pillowcases, which can cause frizz and breakage. Additionally, the satin fabric helps to retain the hair's natural oils and moisture, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Should I wear a satin bonnet to bed every night?

If you have curly or textured hair, wearing a satin bonnet can help protect your hair from damage and maintain moisture levels.

Is it better to sleep with a bonnet or satin pillowcase?

Both a satin bonnet and a satin pillowcase can help protect curly hair from damage and maintain moisture levels, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference and hair type. If you move around a lot in your sleep, a satin bonnet may be a better option to ensure that all of your hair stays protected. However, if you find bonnets uncomfortable or too warm, a satin pillowcase can be a good alternative. It's important to experiment and see which method works best for your hair and sleep preferences.

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