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Curly Twirly Girl Pretty in Pink Detangling Shower Comb

Curly Twirly Girl Pretty in Pink Detangling Shower Comb

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Wash days no longer need to be a chore. Our Curly Twirly Girl Wide Tooth Detangling Shower Comb makes detangling your hair a walk in the park, while also being good for the environment. 

💗 Wide tooth shower comb helps to gently detangle hair in the shower
💗 Easy to clean
💗 Eco-friendly alternative to plastic
💗 Biodegradable – does not harm the environment
💗 Hook allows to easily hang/store in the bathroom

    ♻️ 100% vegan and cruelty free

    🪴 Made from plant acetate, an alternative to plastic

    How to use

    Use a generous amount of conditoner, section your hair and detangle starting from the ends working your way up to the roots.


    This product is produced with cellulose acetate, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


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    Wide tooth shower comb

    Crafted for effective detangling, our detangling wide-tooth shower comb gently untangles and evenly distributes products throughout your hair. This promotes improved blood circulation, reducing the risk of hair loss and dandruff. With wide-spaced teeth, it caters to all hair types, providing a versatile solution for smoother, healthier hair.

    Eco-friendly detangling comb

    Our detangling wide tooth comb is both kind to your hair and the environment.

    Curly Twirly Girl combs are crafted from cellulose acetate, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

    Not only are our combs environmentally conscious, but they are also biodegradable, ensuring they leave no harm to the planet.

    Curly Twirly Girl combs are perfect for all hair types.


    Should you use a wide tooth comb in the shower?

    Yes, it is recommended to use a wide tooth comb in the shower to detangle wet hair. This will help to prevent breakage and keep your hair healthy. Using a wide tooth comb in the shower helps to evenly distribute conditioner and other products through your hair.

    Is it safe to comb wet hair with this detangling shower comb?

    Yes, it is safe to comb wet hair with our shower comb. Being a wide tooth comb, this type of comb is gentler on the hair and helps to prevent breakage or damage to wet hair. It also helps to reduce tangles and distribute your hair’s natural oils, resulting in healthier looking hair.

    Is a wide tooth shower comb better for your hair?

    Yes, a shower comb that has wide teeth is better for curly hair. Our shower comb helps to prevent breakage and split ends, as the teeth are further apart and so it is less likely to snag in tangles. It is also better for achieving a frizz-free look, as the comb will distribute the natural oils from the scalp through the hair.

    Which is better? Detangling shower comb or brush?

    Both options are great. Using a wide tooth shower comb helps to detangle the curls without causing breakage or damaging the hair like a normal brush can. They also help to evenly distribute styling products such as conditioners, oils, and gels throughout the curls. However, brushes that are specifically for curly hair such as a Denman brush or a Dentangler are also great options for curly hair care.

    • Vegan

      Vegan and cruelty free.

    • Sustainable

      Products that are less harmful to the enivronment.

    • Eco-Friendly

      Eco-friendly and eco conscious products.

    • Curl Friendly

      Quality tools for curly hair care.