Collection: Detangling Flexi Brushes

Are you in need of a great detangler for your hair? With eight flexible free comb arms and a control bar, our detangling flexi brushes ensure less detangling time resulting in less hair damage.


What are the benefits of detangling flexi brushes?

Detangling brushes are made specifically to minimise the damage when trying to detangle knots in the hair. Similar to a wide tooth comb, using a good quality detangler ensures you won't pull as much on the hair strands, which will prevent excessive breakage that you get with normal hairbrushes.

Is it best to detangle hair wet or dry?

The best way to detangle hair is while it is wet, coupled with a good generous amount of conditioner. on wet hair the product can absorb into your hair shaft, making it easier to gently detangle through any hair knots.

Is it good to use a detangling brush everyday?

Yes. Although best results are on wet hair, detangling brushes can also be used on dry hair. As their bristles are soft and flexible, it means they are gentle enough for everyday use on all hair types and textures.

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