Collection: Microfiber Spa Headbands

Keep your hair away from your face, with our cute Curly Twirly Girl microfiber cotton spa headbands. The perfect accessory to use during your skin cleanse routine, while applying your makeup or even during a yoga session. Our headbands use gentle microfiber cotton and are vegan.


What are the benefits of a microfiber spa headband?

A microfiber spa headband is handy when you need to keep your hair away from your face while doing your skin cleanse routine, applying makeup or even during exercise like yoga.

What are Curly Twirly Girl microfibers headbands made of?

Our spa headbands are made from microfiber natural cotton, which means they are gentlier to your curls. Our labels are made from satin to remove the risk of friction with your curls while also being gentle to the skin.

How do Curly Twirly Girl microfiber headbands differ from others?

Our microfiber headbands are made from high quality materials, including mircofiber natural cotton to ensure it is gentle to curls and satin labels which will not damage the skin or tangle with the hair.

  • Vegan

    Vegan and cruelty free.

  • Sustainable

    Products that are less harmful to the enivronment.

  • Eco-friendly

    Eco-friendly and eco conscious products.

  • Curl Friendly

    Quality tools for curly hair care.