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Welcome to the Curly Twirly Girl online store. Whether you have Curls, Kinks, Coils, or Waves, we cater for all your curly hair needs. Find eco-friendly hair tools and curl friendly accessories on our curly hair online shop today.


Where can I buy curly hair products in the UK?

You can buy curly hair tools and accessories at the Curly Twirly Girl online store.

Does Curly Twirly Girl have products for all curl types?

Yes. The Curly Twirly Girl online store provides curl-friendly tools and accessories that cater to ALL curl types; Curls, Kinks, Coils and Waves.

Are Curly Twirly Girl products eco-friendly?

Yes. Many of our products are considered to be eco-friendly. Our wide-tooth combs are made from plant acetate, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. While our detanglers are made from plastic materials which are recyclable.

Can I use Curly Twirly Girl products as part of CGM?

Curly Twirly Girl products are 100% perfect for those currently doing the CGM (Curly Girl Method). We provide all your CGM essentials such as:

Our tools are a must for those doing the CGM method. Shop for curly hair products online today at our online curly hair store.

  • Vegan

    Vegan and cruelty free.

  • Sustainable

    Products that are less harmful to the enivronment.

  • Eco-friendly

    Eco-friendly and eco conscious products.

  • Curl Friendly

    Quality tools for curly hair care.